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At Saffola Fittify Gourmet, we believe in adding more nutrition to your food and more flavor to your life.

With this motto, our range has been carefully crafted by nutritionists and curated by celebrity chef Kunal Kapur to combine the best of taste and health.


Healthy-Gourmet Products with Plant-Based Superfoods

Our product range comprises of Hi-Protein Slim Meal Shake, Hi-Protein Meal Soup & Anytime Boosters breakfasts that deliver the right nutrition and the perfect calorie count everyone needs to lead a slimmer fitter life!

Hi-Protein Super Meals

Hi-Protein Slim Meal-Shake

18-20 gms of Protein

Power of 5 Superfoods

26 Vitamins and Minerals



11 gms of Protein

5 Superfoods with Real Vegetables

26 Vitamins and Minerals


Super Beverages

Healthy Green Coffee

Upto 3x More Antioxidants

Helps Regulate Metabolism

Aids In Weight Management



Offering nutrient rich foods backed by superfood goodness, we are your holistic fitness and weight management solution!

High in protein & low in calories

Natural Superfoods

High Dietary Fibre

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Free of Everything Unnatural

Nutrition dense

Easy to make

Curated by Chef Kunal Kapur



Here’s what our consumers had to say about our products.

Anindita Mukherjee

I drank the MEAL shake instead of my milkshake. Not only was it tasty despite being sugar-free, but healthier too.

Farheen Shaikh

I highly recommend Saffola Slim Meal Shake as they're a quick way to get my nutrients & it helps me stay fit

Nadir Kanthawala

The Swiss Chocolate Shake is my healthy indulgence.

Ishita Parashar

I still don't believe that I could actually lose 2Kgs in a month!!

Provit Chemmani

Squeezing in a meal can seem impossible on busy days. That's why I love the FITTIFY shake. It keeps me full for a few hours

Sarthak Ghose

It's been 3 months now that I am on the Fittify plan and I am down by 8 kgs. I was guided by the Fittify Nutritionist who made a customized diet plan for me and told me to exercise. I do cardio on alternate days and can manage my diet easily. It's really easy and gives results!

Radhika Verma

I've managed to lose upto 2.5 kgs in almost 7 weeks since the time I started using this. It's so easy to make this and takes such less time to make and consume. Plus with the smaller packs I can carry them anywhere and so, I can have my shake, wherever I am whenever I have to.