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6 Superfoods you should know about

As you now have a fair understanding of how superfoods are pretty much multitaskers that are teeming with nutrients, you’re obviously wondering where to find them and more importantly, how to use them to whip up a hearty meal. Let’s begin by getting one thing out of the way – They’re not exotic foods, they’re just plainly available at your grocery store.

So we’ve listed 6 foods that are graced with the esteemed superfood title and should definitely make its way to your pantry:



A favourite at the breakfast table, this seed is rising to popularity owing to its high protein content. But it doesn’t stop there as it contains a significant dose of amino acids, vitamin B6, potassium, copper and zinc. Cooking with quinoa is easy as you can use it to make a healthy and nutritious porridge or let it be the crunchy element in your soups and salads. Check our range of Power Breakfast i.e. Quinoa Upma and Quinoa Poha.



This may sound unfamiliar at the first glance but allow us to jog your memory. Moringa is widely known as the leaves of the drumstick tree. It is an abounding source of antioxidants which are needed to ward off free radicals. Besides, this nutrient powerhouse is rich in protein, iron, calcium and vitamin C. Moringa leaves can be used in soups and curries or even can be brewed with tea leaves.



For centuries, civilizations have trusted the innate powers of this spice. Concrete evidence points to its ability as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent Turmeric also happens to be an excellent source of iron, manganese, and fibre.

Green Tea

Green Tea:

Green tea has been sipped on and praised through the ages. But what magical power does this greenish – translucent tea possess? Its secret lies in its antioxidant called Epigallocatechin gallate that helps fight harmful free radicals. But this is not its only superpower as it has the ability to burn fat. The catechins present in green tea improve the body’s metabolism and reduces fat absorption. Your search for green tea online ends here. Check our range of Superfood Moringa green Tea.



Though buckwheat hasn’t always been in the limelight, it happens to be one of the most powerful seeds on the market. Containing 13 grams of protein, it makes a good source for vegetarians and is also a source of zinc, besides being rich in fibre, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B2, and B3. Buckwheat plays an instrumental role in reducing blood sugar levels as it has high amounts of fiber. Recipes using buckwheat do not disappoint, so swap your boring breakfast porridge for this nutritious grain.



This superpower-brandishing seed happens to be a gluten-free source of protein besides being rich in an important mineral, Iron. The beauty of amaranth lies in its anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have also pointed to its ability to maintain blood cholesterol levels under control. It’s a grain as the end of the day, so use it as you like!

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