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A cup full of beans

It’s World Coffee Day tomorrow, and Chef Kunal Kapur tells us why Green Coffee is a good replacement to roasted beans.

A  longtime fan of the joe who’s excited about World Coffee Day tomorrow, Chef Kunal Kapur is all for trying new flavours of the beverage. But this year, he is cheering for its the healthier version: the green coffee. The restaurateur and celeb chef says, “The flip side of coffee is that it can get addictive. I constantly keep driving everyone to start with a cup of green coffee a day and then make it a regular feature.” Since this version of coffee is new in India, and there are a lot of misconceptions and lack of knowledge about it, World Coffee Day becomes the right time to talk about its health benefits, says he.


Simply put, it’s an extract of unroasted, green coffee beans. Chef Kunal observes that the high amount of antioxidants makes it a superfood. He also explains that roasting changes the composition of coffee but since this type is un-roasted and dried, it usually doesn’t have side effects. “After all, it’s just the seed of a berry. It provides nutrition, is extremely low on caffeine, and has many benefits.”

The chef clarifies that one won’t lose pounds if they drink a lot of green coffee but it does aid in weight management. “It regulates blood glucose level and metabolism,” he informs us.


It was on his travel abroad a year ago that Chef Kunal was introduced to Green Coffee. He found that it was available in India in bits and pieces, and no one was doing much to popularise it. “It’s at a stage that green tea was till recently. Tea drinkers would say, it’s not chai if it’s not kadak and with milk. Similarly, people expect to get the same flavour as roasted coffee,” he says. Its taste is mild, so, one can mix it with other flavours like lemon. Chef recommends Ginger Basil for winters apart from Lemongrass Lavender. “You are drinking coffee but it’s a different experience,” he avers.


Chef Kunal explains that it’s easy to seamlessly blend Green Coffee into various other foods. “If you like baking, you can add it into your cookies. It has an extremely non-intrusive and mild flavour and doesn’t leave a strong aftertaste like roasted coffee. So, you can blend into your milkshakes or cakes,” he elaborates and adds that you can sprinkle some powder on your cereal and consume it other than as a beverage. As far as pairing it, the restaurateur reminds us that it’s more of a palate cleanser. “It complements the food. So, have it in the morning or after a heavy meal. You will feel lighter,” he signs off.

The original article was published by DNA India.