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Green coffee – a revolutionary weight loss beverage

Around the globe, coffee fanatics accord their existence to this survival juice. As a beverage that gives them an identifiable personality and pretty much gets them going, it’s natural for them to think that they have it all. But little do they know of a new brand of coffee that’s set to steal the limelight. Green coffee has been lining the aisles at grocery stores owing to its ability to maintain your waistline.

Green coffee

Green coffee, you may ask? At the first glance, it may raise eyebrows but it’s nothing more than coffee that is sourced from green coffee beans. But what sets it apart from regular coffee is the fact that it is unroasted. While the roasting process gives coffee its heady aroma and flavor, it burns away some nutrients in the bean. Green coffee has an edge over coffee made from roasted beans as it retains some of its antioxidant content

The proof of its weight management capabilities lie in its antioxidant called Chlorogenic acid, which forms about 50% of the antioxidant content. It works to reduce fat accumulation in more than one way. One of its greatest benefits is that it boosts metabolism by up to 11%.

Green coffee

But, this powerful antioxidant isn’t quite done yet! Besides speeding up your metabolism, regular consumption of chlorogenic acid in the form of green coffee inhibits the absorption of fat and carbohydrates, helping reduce glucose and insulin spikes..

As nothing productive comes before the first cup of coffee has been gulped down, swapping it for your regular coffee seems like a great idea. Why? Because more than improving metabolism and maintaining weight, green coffee may also help in reducing bad cholesterol

So instead of adhering to diets that ask you to eat a pea-sized meal, choose to enjoy your coffee- as long as it’s green! Your search for Green coffee online ends here. Head to our green coffee section and get your dose of freshness with 5 delicious flavors to surprise your taste bud