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Superfoods: The science behind nutrient powerhouses

Lately, the word superfood has been plastered all over the internet with a number of articles criticizing this nomenclature and other literature celebrating these nutrient powerhouses. While there is clear confusion as to whether they are truly beneficial or not, the choice is simple: Would you rather consume just an ordinary bowl of veggies or sprinkle seeds, nuts and other nutritionally dense foods over your salad? If you’re inclined towards the latter, read on to know how superfoods can drive up your nutritional value.

So, what’s in a name? While there’s no specific definition of a superfood, foods that are jam-packed with large quantities of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, good fats, enzymes and other nutrients make the cut. A generous helping of these superfoods have a positive effect on both physical and mental health. Given that they are rich in nutrients, they work to strengthening the immune system while driving down the risk of acquiring a disease. But more importantly, they may not be magic pills that burn your fat, but they do burn calories and improve your metabolism. As for your skin, superfoods are abounding in antioxidants and vitamin C thus giving you rejuvenated, fresher looking skin.

Strenuous schedules and time crunches spell doom for your diet. So how do you avail of gorgeous skin or a healthier immune system when your daily meal is characteristic of greasy, processed foods and other unhealthy fast food treats? Amplifying your nutritive intake through superfoods is rather easy. Blending it into your smoothie is one option. Grab a spoon of spirulina or matcha powder and infuse with your fruit smoothie. If you’re wondering how to add extra nutrition to your plain oatmeal, roughly chop a fistful of walnuts and sprinkle over the top. These heart-healthy nuts contain essential omega-3 fatty acids and protein to keep you energetic through the day. You may also crave that crunch in your soup. So, instead of settling for croutons, replace it with sunflower seeds that are rich in magnesium which goes on to improve your digestion, as well as help with stress and restlessness.


So there you have it – they’re more than just a trend and if superfoods have piqued your attention, read our next blog that tells you what every superfood holds for you.