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Meal Replacers

Weight management is a balance between consuming the right calories and burning them off. Due to the hectic nature of our lives, it becomes difficult to maintain such a balance and therefore, more often than not, we end up eating too much and exercising too little. Meal replacers are a good strategy to combat this issue as they provide a nutritious low-calorie meal. Along with cutting calories in a controlled way, meal replacers offer convenience as they require little or no preparation.

How do meal replacers help in weight management?

Meal replacers are being adopted as a convenient and effective tool in the battle against obesity. A meal replacer for weight management is usually 2-3 times lower in calories as compared to an average meal. Thus, when consumed over a period of time it leads to a reduction in weight due to the reduced calorie intake.

How do you choose the right meal replacers?

It is essential to do your due diligence before choosing the right meal replacers. That includes checking the individual ingredients listed on the back of the pack so as to check that the product contains the right nutrition your body needs while being low on calories.


A meal replacer should provide at least 200 Kcal but not more than 400 Kcal of energy per meal. In addition, at least 25% but not more than 50% of the energy available from food, when ready to serve shall be derived from its protein content. For eg. A 200 Kcal meal replacer should derive at least 50 Kcal from protein or contain 12.5g of protein (1g protein = 4 Kcal).


Hence, an ideal meal replacer must be high on nutrition whilst being low on calories.

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